Please check with the Technical Manager for full availability of all stock prior to your arrival, all lighting and set plans must be sent three weeks prior to show fit up.


Lighting grid is fixed so allow time for rigging off scaffold tower
All sets, instruments, costumes etc must be removed on last night of performance a further charge will be levied for storage and crew time if not removed on last night.
An emergency announcement must be played before each performance.
All visiting companies must conform to The Firkin Cranes Health and Safety Policy and also the Child Protection Policy.
Large pieces of set or heavy equipment can be lifted from a hoist through trap doors on to the stage area max 1 (one) tonne.
A lift is also available for the use of disabled performers and audience; stops are located at auditorium and stage levels this is not to be used for any other purpose.

Should you require sound and or lighting operators please contact us through number below.
For further technical information contact: Tim Feehily
Phone: +353 21 4507487/Mob +353 087 7646932

Smurfit Theatre Tech Spec April 2021