Quarter Block Party at Firkin Crane 7th to 9th February

Firkin Crane are delighted once again to be part of Quarter Block Party.

2020 is the 6th edition of the festival which features a weekend long contemporary arts festival across Cork City and happens every February. Quarter Block Party shines a light on one of Cork’s oldest quarters and harnesses the vibrancy amongst an energetic and diverse audience for an entire weekend to celebrate the culture, history and character of Cork City.
We’ve been delighted at Firkin Crane to be able to be a part of this over the last few years, we have had some great acts on our stage, last year we had the very poignant and empowering “Fat Blokes” by Scottee and the very fun and outrageous DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA by local lads Lords of Strut, an epic saga of two brothers and their destiny to dance.
This year we play host to three performances, one each day of the weekend!
Friday 7th 7.30pm

A drag queen and a drag queen walk into a bar, a room. They have pelvises and centers of gravity, centers of gravities, gravitas. And headdresses: imaginary. This is hair. This is a purse, these are shoes, that’s my hip, that’s not my hip. Oh, these are pearls. Seriously! Today all my cells are pearls. They have decided to move at exactly the same time.

Saturday 8th 7.30pm

The piece explores outer and inner noise; how they can affect and harvest each other and how this can be developed through body movements and expression. In an unknown universe they seek the distorted, the darkness and the playfulness. There is no security, no immediate recognisability, but a world with countless layers of unexplored mechanisms and conditions. The distorted effect makes the ugliness and the grotesque seem poetic and almost beautiful.

Sunday 9th 3pm

In Fluids W A U H A U S creates a state of slipperiness on stage in which the human subject cannot fully control its own body. Fluids invites the audience to encounter empathy, intimacy, and failure in these times when individualism, perfectionism, and mistrust prevail in society.

Tickets, including bundle passes can be purchased at quarterblockpartycork.com

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