Open Floor


We currently have Open Floor which is a residency platform for local dance artists who are looking for studio space for their own development, or to develop a project, this would also apply to artistic research which is dance related. Open Floor cannot be used for teaching or workshops or any practice that carries a charge for participants.

Open Floor residencies are available to individuals, companies, collaborative and cross art-form projects and groups, contingent on their meeting the eligibility criteria.


Full involvement of a practicing, professional dance artist(s). Practicing dance artist(s), for the purposes of Open Floor, are defined as, ‘an individual, with dance training, who makes their career in dance‘. In collaborative projects dance must be a central element.

Open Floor provides studios at €10 per hour. This is a token cost and represents an in-kind support valued at €31.30 an hour. Any studio can be used under the Open Floor scheme and the hourly price will always be the same. As Open Floor is modelled as a drop-in facility we cannot always guarantee the studio you want will be available. Studios can be pre-booked under Open Floor and while we will always make a studio available, when pre-booked, there is no guarantee it will be the studio requested.

There is no limit to the number of hours used in any one Open Floor residency, and the timeframe can span multiple visits to the Studio over weeks or even months. All proposals for an Open Floor residency need to be submitted by email and should include:
– Contact details.
– A curriculum vitae / resume for each artist involved.
– No more than 200 words on the aims and objectives of the proposed residency.
– Samples of previous work.

In return for Firkin Crane providing this residency support, attaching to any work produced, or in progress, with the support of an Open Floor residency, Firkin Crane support must be acknowledged. Whenever the work is advertised in the press or on posters etc., the following line should appear “supported by Firkin Crane.” It is the responsibility of the dance artist(s) to ensure that Firkin Crane is credited accordingly in any promotional material and that the Firkin Crane logo is used on all posters, flyers etc. This accreditation should continue for the life of the work.

To apply contact Andrea Stapleton at