Open Floor – Space Hire for Professional Dance Artists
We offer studios to dance artists at last-minute discounted rates.
Contact info@firkincrane for further details

Firkin Crane Open Floor Policy

Commercial Studio Hire Rates
Studio 1/Smurfit Room €65.00/hour or €455.00/day 9am-5pm
Studio 2/Mirror Room €38.50/hour or €269.50/day 9am-5pm
Musgrave as a studio €40.00/hour or €280.00/day 9am-5pm
Studio 3/Chandelier room €27.50/hour or €192.50/day 9am-5pm
Studio 4 €27.50 per hour or €192.50/day 9am-5pm

VAT at 23% is included in all the above studio hire rates.
A deposit of 20% is required to confirm any booking. This is non refundable.

Additional services and equipment available for hire
The venue can provide stage technicians at €17.50ph. A stage technician is not a lighting designer, a sound engineer or a stage manager. These roles are fee based.

Retractable seats move                      €100 per move
8x10m Marley dance-floor                  €60 per day
Standard Microphones                       €10 per day
Radio hand held Mic                           €15 per day
Radio lapel Mic                                   €20 per day
Digital video projector                         €150 per day
Digital Camera                                    €50 per day
Portable TV/DVD                                 €5 per session