Weekly Professional Class

Thursday mornings 11am – 12.30pm

Our weekly professional class will run online for the month of January, due to Level 5 Covid-19 Restrictions. For more information and to join the class contact Andrea at



Thursday mornings 14th / 21st /28th January 2021

ONLINE CLASS 11am – 12.30pm with Jessica Bonenfant Coogan


The Online Weekly Class is FREE, all you need is the link to join in!

Jessica’s classes blend compositional improvisation and contemplative dance practice. They often begin by grounding or ‘arriving’, through somatic engagement. She then proposes structures to explore, questions to physically respond to and holds space to reflect on and dialogue about individual and shared experiences. Participants are invited to bring their wealth of knowledge to the practice, to trust their intuition, discover kinesthetic delight, upset their personal patterns and to connect with one another. In the virtual space, Jessica is grappling with how to nurture what the body needs, play deeply, challenge the brain and feel part of a community.

COMMUNITY SPACE is suspended until further notice due to Covid-19 Restrictions.