Professional Class

Thursday mornings 11am – 12.30pm

Our weekly class is for professional and semi-professional dance artists, movement and theatre artists on Thursday mornings. We offer classes taught by various teachers throughout the year. Our weekly class is taught in the studio at Firkin Crane. Class costs €5 and needs to be booked in advance, places will only be available on the day ONLY if places remain available.



21st October and 18th November: Helga Deasy

This class focuses on exploration, play and connection, with the aim to foster bodily awareness, to find expressivity and to develop creative skills.
It is informed by a choreological approach, which is the contemporary development of Rudolf Laban’s principles for the performing arts.
We will take time to connect with the body and our breath as a movement source.

Drawing from the research process behind the making of Helga’s recent performance work ‘State of Flux’ we will explore Laban’s motion factor flow and the effort actions of floating, slashing and flicking. Guided by imagery we will discover a range of movement qualities and play with them in a structured improvisation framework.
The class will conclude with a flowing sequence which combines the previously explored movement elements.

28th October: Sara Hernandez

(please note this class was originally scheduled for 25th November)

This class will combine floor work, improvisation and choreographic sequences.

We will start with a gentle warm up lying on the ground, listening to the body, connecting with the breath and the emotions. We will continue exploring different possibilities of moving organically on the ground, trusting your own movement intuition, releasing tension in the body to create muscle relaxation, spinal articulation and freedom of movement. Using the centre of gravity we will move through some floor phrases focusing on the release of the body weight and the use of the breath.

We will continue with standing flowing movement sequences. We will be using different directions, energy to flow, weight and balance as we move through the space with a focus on the enjoyment of moving together.

4th & 11th November: Natasha Bourke

For more information and to join the class contact Andrea at

COMMUNITY SPACE is suspended until further notice due to Covid-19 Restrictions.