Professional Class

Thursday mornings 11am – 12.30pm

Our weekly class is for professional and semi-professional dance artists, movement and theatre artists on Thursday mornings. We offer classes taught by various teachers throughout the year. 

Our weekly professional class will run online until at least Thursday 4th March, due to Level 5 Covid-19 Restrictions. For more information and to join the class contact Andrea at Our online weekly classes are FREE OF CHARGE!


Thursday mornings 25th February / 4th March 2021

ONLINE CLASS 11am – 12.30pm with Taylor Graham

Taylor is a dance artist originally from New York. Her practice consists of trauma-informed somatic process in collaboration with contemporary dance and physical theatre narrative, being a body-mind all encompassing form.

In these classes, we will research the drift of feeling ‘want’ vs ‘need’. Taylor will lead us through guided improvisation and encourage dialogue. We will differentiate between the dynamics of ‘want’ and ‘need’. We will act upon impulses and also sustain against them. We will build and play with personal narrative, or character, and push our stamina. Come curious and lead with love.

Thursday mornings 11th / 18th / 25th March 2021

ONLINE CLASS 11am – 12.30pm with Sara Hernandez

These contemporary dance classes will combine improvisation and choreographic sequences.

We will start with slow movement exploration as a great full body warm-up, moving in a creative organic gentle way exploring connectivity, space and different qualities, using the breath to release tension and finding fluidity in the body.

We will continue with standing exercises, flowing movement sequences that require very little travelling. We will be using different directions, weight and gravity as we move through some dance sequences with a focus on the enjoyment of moving together with some nice tunes.

We will finish with a cool down gentle stretch.

The Online Weekly Class is FREE, all you need is the link to join in!

COMMUNITY SPACE is suspended until further notice due to Covid-19 Restrictions.