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Thursday mornings 11am – 12.30pm

Our weekly class is for professional and semi-professional dance artists, movement and theatre artists on Thursday mornings. We offer classes taught by various teachers throughout the year. 

Instant Dissidence Company Class at  Firkin Crane: taught by Mia Di Chiaro and Thilde Andreasen.

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Instant Dissidence, directed by Rita Marcalo, is a socially engaged and ecologically-engaged company operating the expanded field of dance and, more broadly, body-based practices. Rita along with Mia DiChiaro and Thilde Andreasen will be in residence for a week at Firkin Crane from Monday 28th June. They will teach professional class from Firkin Crane with participants joining in online.

This class explores how sensations move through the body. We will move together using somatic explorations, floorwork created for small spaces, technical exercises, and playful improvisational creative tasks that the artists will share from the residency process. As we collectively connect with the space around us, we will focus on the freedom of the moving body while quieting the “correcting” brain to connect with our inner sensitivity, negotiate our relationship with the screen, and support our creative sense of play.

Mia DiChiaro is a Dublin-based contemporary dancer and artivist whose ideas often circulate around joyful embodiment, climate justice, and participatory art. She relocated to Ireland, from New York, and received a M.A. in Contemporary Dance Performance from University of Limerick (2019) and has performed her own site-specific work around embodied climate activism. She is a RYS 200hr certified yoga teacher and is currently training to teach dance for people with Parkinsons with Mark Morris Dance Group. In 2020 she received Dance Ireland’s HATCH Award for her collaborative eco-dance research and is diving further in 2021 with support from the Irish Arts Council Dance Bursary Award.

Thilde Andreasen is a dancer and dance teacher based in Leeds. Thilde grew up in Denmark in the Danish gymnastic community, where she got her strong passion for movement and love of collaboration. Thilde followed her passion for dance which led her to Leeds where in 2020 she finished her BA (Hons) Degree at Northern School of Contemporary Dance. Here she further developed her interest in movement language, and performance especially with focus on improvisation. Thilde is fascinated by honest movements, imperfections and how we explore and communicate through the thinking body. Thilde´s work is often flavored with a humorous take on the everyday experience of womanhood.

Our weekly professional class will return in September 2021 following a Summer Break. For more information and to join the class contact Andrea at

Our online weekly classes are FREE OF CHARGE, there is a €5 fee for in-person classes.

COMMUNITY SPACE is suspended until further notice due to Covid-19 Restrictions.