Professional Class

Thursday mornings 11am – 12.30pm

Our weekly class is for professional and semi-professional dance artists, movement and theatre artists on Thursday mornings. We offer classes taught by various teachers throughout the year. Our weekly class will continue to run online until Thursday 23rd September. In studio class returns from 30th September.

Thursday 23rd September

 Moving Life

Movement and Somatics class taught by Laura O’Brien

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Combining gentle Movement and Somatic based practices we will explore our own unique sense of being a body, in movement and in rest. Allowing ourselves to arrive and connect in embodied ways. Opening to our own “moving life” and the possibility of meeting what it is to be this body in movement.

All welcome.

Laura O’ Brien, MA, RSMT. is a Somatic movement therapist and Amerta Movement practitioner.
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Thursday 30th September

Class taught in the Studio by Matty Davis

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“I am interested in pressurizing our bodies. This is perhaps the kind of pressure that James
Wright feels when he says that “if I were to step out of of my body I would break into blossom.”
This workshop will investigate ways of cultivating such pressure through relationships to
sensation, phrasing, repetition, and architecture. Depending on COVID-19 protocols, we may
also explore illuminating relationships to each other using distinct forms of risk and support. In
the spirit of Richard Wright, and in acknowledgment of the 90 minute constraint of being
together, our work will be like poetry in its bodily aims: how much can be enough? How can
something small or concise can be as rich as anything else? How might we arrive at some kind
of vital core, specific yet dimensional, at the confluence of meaning? How can feeling and spirit
cling to bone as sturdily as tendon and ligament?”

7th October and 25th November: Sara Hernandez

14th & 21st October and 18th November: Helga Deasy

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Our online weekly classes are FREE OF CHARGE, there is a €5 fee for in-person classes.

COMMUNITY SPACE is suspended until further notice due to Covid-19 Restrictions.