Jessica Bonenfant Coogan

Class Description
Jessica’s approach to teaching reflects her own practice as an improviser, which blends compositional improvisation and contemplative dance practice. Her classes begin with a framework for focusing the mind, opening space for creativity, and increasing corporeal awareness. Jessica values play and kinesthetic delight as foundations for movement exploration. She then layers in techniques for composing spontaneously, inviting participants to apply their own wealth of body knowledge and choreographic skills. Jessica hopes to guide movers to explore and interrogate – using compositional techniques to challenge our own habits and preconceptions, to build relationships, and to discover moments of synchronicity, tension, contrast, intimacy, and exhilaration. 

Teacher Biography
Jessica Bonenfant Coogan is the artistic director of Greywood Arts, an artist’s residency and community creativity hub in East Cork. Jessica came to Ireland after more than a decade based in New York City, where she worked as a choreographer, director, performer, and improviser. She has an interest in creating durational performance installations, exploring site-specific spaces, and creating for film. Her work frequently explores women’s issues. Jessica has worked with students at  University of Toledo, Grand Valley State University, the American College Dance Festival, and University of Michigan – where she received her MFA in choreography.