Firkin Crane is committed to maintaining the highest standards of governance and has adopted a corporate governance regime in accordance with best practice. The board of directors have put in place a Governance Framework, in line with The Governance Code, comprising a suite of documents setting out the policies, procedures and responsibilities which guide how Firkin Crane conducts its business.  

Board Of Directors

The board of directors is a non-executive board.

The board meets every 6 weeks. At each AGM one third of the number of directors retire from office. A retiring director shall be eligible for re-election. The Company may from time to time by ordinary resolution increase or reduce the number of directors and may also determine in what rotation the increased or reduced number is to go out of office.

The Board of Directors has been recently restructured to include an Expert Advisory Panel, who advise the Board when needed, and a number of sub-committees.

The Board of Directors


Child Protection Policy

We in Firkin Crane want to make sure that all children and young people who come to Firkin Crane are safe and are protected from harm. We call this our Child Protection Policy. We undertake to provide a safe environment and experience, where the welfare of the child/young person is paramount. It is central to the philosophy of the Firkin Crane that children and staff are unconditionally respected and kept safe from harm while using our services. It is important to ensure that normal practices and behaviour within our organization actively promote delivery of excellent services to children as individuals in a safe engaging environment where the welfare of the child/young person is paramount.

Firkin Crane CLG Child Safeguarding Statement

Firkin Crane CLG Child Safeguarding Policy

Conflict Of Interest


See Conflict of Interest Policy

Tax Clearance

Firkin Crane Company Limited by Guarantee
Tax Reference Number: 4656628S
Access Number: 122861. 
This number is effective from January 2021