Sara Hernandez

Sara Hernandez and the ReFramed Bursary Award

I am a contemporary Dance Artist from Barcelona based in Ireland since 2011. With a foundation in classical dance my focus has always been in Contemporary Dance. I studied in the conservatory of dance “Institut del Teatre” in Barcelona and I worked with dance companies: Ballet Biarritz Junior and  Cienfuegos Danza, in Spain.

I create dance work from life experiences. I’m constantly seeking new models of exploration and communication. My recent choreographic work “Im- I am” was commissioned by Cork Butter Museum under Percent for Art scheme 2019. Samskaras my previous work made and supported by Firkin Crane, in Cork, was presented for the Cork Midsummer festival 2017, and Skibbereen Arts Festival 2018. I have collaborated with Helga Deasy Choreographer since 2016, touring “Helica” to New York, presenting work in Dublin and County Cork. Most recently I collaborated on the film “River Fragments” directed by Helga Deasy.

This is what I would like to achieve as part of the Bursary Award:

My idea for the Reframe Dance Bursary in the Firkin Crane is to create a period of research and development in the studio around a body of work that explores 3  different arts forms: dance, music and writing. To develop this idea I will be working with two  collaborators; Ilse de Ziah, cello player and Valeria Venditti, writer/philosopher.


For this work I envision an interaction from each artist in response to their own experiences of the lockdown. Each artist through their own artistic language will create and develop ideas of work from experiences and impressions during this unusual period of time. Then to develop this idea we will be responding to each one’s creative impressions. 

While this idea is based around the centrality of dance and movement, this state of flow (and restriction/containment) will be reflected and refracted through these secondary art-forms. The text will be translated into music and dance, the dance into music and text and the music into dance and text, creating a synergistic interdependent cross-pollination.

With this research I am trying to achieve a dialogue, an interaction and blending between these  3 different art- forms responding to the same period of time, through three diverse experiences.

And this is how the Bursary Award will be beneficial to me as an artist:

The “Reframed” Bursary Award will benefit my dance practice in a way that will allow me to spend time in the studio researching, investigating and developing new dance work.

Coming out of my experience working on “Im – I am” with the Butter Museum and with support  from the Firkin Crane (2019), I am quite clear on the next process that I would like to pursue. This method that came out of that Percent for Art scheme saw me working with a musician to develop new work. 

I felt that the work could have had a third dimension in terms of a written text and this is what I would like to explore here with this investigation ,“Thrice Works”.

The experience of having time in the studio in the Firkin Crane to develop that piece, as with the time generously given for Samskaras (2017) leaves me in no doubt that I would be able to make the most out of this bursary award.

Coming out of this major period of Lockdown and with the relative easing of restrictions, I am both clear about and excited at the possibility of getting back into the studio to work on a new idea. For many artists the lockdown has brought a renewed conviction to their practices, and for me the Firkin Crane is the right place to be in Cork City making new dance happen.

This opportunity would widen my field of interaction, having the chance to engage with other artists, creating a collaboration around a new idea.. 

This is how I will engage with Firkin Crane:

To document my work:

For this to happen smoothly we would create a balance of self recorded photos and videos with professional help also at other times. We would expect to have a photographer, video maker or both coming to document the development of the work at important junctures.

And share my progress:

For our “Thrice Works” project  I will create an ongoing documentation of the research using both my Instagram account and Facebook page.