Rachel Ní Bhraonáin

Rachel Ní Bhraonáin and the ReFramed Bursary Award

I’m a Waterford based artist making multidisciplinary shows and short films. With storytelling at the heart of my work, I combine dance, writing and at times aerial dance, to create visually exciting and emotionally honest work. My short film Marian was selected for Gaze Film Festival 2020. While my first full-scale live show Losing Your Body won the Wild Card Award at Dublin Fringe Festival 2019 and was nominated for an Irish Times Theatre Award for Best Movement Direction in 2020.

This is what I would like to achieve as part of the Bursary Award:

Over six dedicated days I will begin researching an idea that has been milling around in my head for several months – with an eye to one day developing a new work for stage and screen. For the purpose of this bursary I will only be focussing on the film aspect of my idea. I will spend time during this week studying theory around directing movement for screen, which I have practical experience in but have never had time to study.

And this is how the Bursary Award will be beneficial to me as an artist:

While dance on film has been a long time area of interest to me it seems timely that I should finally begin to dedicate resources to becoming more adept in this field. This bursary will be an opportunity to create a strong body of preliminary research and in the long term it will also serve as supporting material when applying for an Arts Council Project grant. This bursary will also help to sustain my artistic practice and allow me to continue to develop as an emerging regional choreographer during an exceptionally difficult time.

This is how I will engage with Firkin Crane:

To document my work:

I will be creating a short video to collate my visual, scientific and physical research alongside recorded interviews with a number of individuals.

And share my progress:

I will be sharing found images related to my research and videos of my movement research on my Instagram page during my six days and will also share the final video I create.


Rachel says this second lockdown has been a strange time. She says working entirely from home has certainly presented challenges and it has been a busy month with various projects receiving or not receiving funding. She’s been all emails and calendars (and don’t mention the zooms!!)

She doesn’t need to be in a studio just yet, thankfully, although it would have been nice. She’s been slowed down in her idea of interviewing people but at the same time she’s been learning a nice bit about dance on film and has started making a little research video, as mentioned in her application, that she plans to finish in the next few weeks. She’ll be uploading that to Vimeo or Youtube and it will be shared on this page when she does.