Firkin Crane Film / Dance Online Forum

Firkin Crane Film/Dance Online Forum

Thursday 17th September 2020 4.30pm – 6.00pm

Following the August monthly meeting and the interest in the Film Dance section of the meeting, we are planning a dedicated film dance forum, to create the connections that might be of interest to dance practitioners in either documenting their work, promoting themselves or indeed producing film art, and to the filmmakers who may be interested in creating partnerships in this regard.


Room opening

4.10pm Opening up the meeting room for presenters.

4.20pm Opening up the meeting room for attendees.

Introduction (4.30pm)

  • Introductions- Chair Yvonne Coughlan.
  • Reference agenda and Presenters.
    • Aoife Desmond
    • Eoin O hAnnrachain
  • Communications Strategies FC
    • Quarterly Town Hall meetings Sept/Dec/March/June
    • Monthly forum meetings 1st Friday 12.30-2.30pm
    • Dedicated Film/ Dance Forum

Section 1 (4.40pm)

Presentation by Eoin O hAnnrachain

Eoin O hAnnrachain is a Theatre, Dance and Film Director, Producer and Writer.  He has been directing plays and short films since 2007 including “Thomas Kent – 1916 Rebel” in The Everyman, “Life Behind The Venue” in The Everyman and Project Arts Centre, and the pilot episode for “Morbid and Sons”.  His Dance producing credits include “Helica”, “When I’m Here I Remember You” and “Longing Belonging” for Helga Deasy and “A Dance Brew” for Laura Murphy.  Most recently Eoin has directed the Dance Film “River Fragments” with Helga Deasy which will be premiering on Helga’s website as part of Culture Night 2020.

Eoin also works as a freelance cameraman creating documentation videos for Theatre, Dance, Festivals and Visual Arts.  In the Firkin Crane Film/Dance Forum Eoin will be talking about his approach to documenting Dance projects and creating videos for Funding Applications and Marketing purposes, as well as how he and Helga worked on turning “River Fragments” into a film project due to the Covid restrictions.

Feedback, responses, ideas and discussions.


Section 2 (4.50pm)

Presentation by Aoife Desmond

Aoife Desmond, as an artist, makes sculptural installations, films, and performs. She has a particular interest in place and site-specific practices and combines, in her art and associated practices of curation and education, an attention to context and the live moment. Aoife finds it vital to move between the spheres of critical thinking and immersive and sustained process. She often works collaboratively to initiate projects and processes. The relationship between dance and film is increasingly becoming a central concern in her work; having always trained in dance alongside maintaining a visual arts and live art/performance practice. Early combinations of film and performance in her work took the form of video and slide projections combined with sculptural and live performance in gallery and theatre spaces. Later this shifted to the documentation of live site-specific works as short video works. Since then Aoife has worked with other dancers, and in the last three years has been developing a more personal choreographic language for solo and collaborative works. Aoife’s art practice is hybrid and complex, linking dance as an exploratory physical language and a critical and experimental film language within an expanded practice informed by a visual arts training.

Feedback, responses, ideas and discussions.

Section 3 (5.10pm)

Forum Presentation of work by Natasha Bourke

Natasha will be present to answer any questions or take feedback.

Feedback, responses, ideas and discussions.

Section 4 (5.20pm)

Presentation by Yvonne Coughlan (RSVP)

Yvonne Coughlan, MA Theatre and Drama studies, UCC, founded her company RSVP (Red Sandstone Varied Productions) in 2006, and has directed arts participatory projects in experimental short film and theatre, site specific work, inter-disciplinary performances, festival installations, and community arts events. She has produced work in England, Scotland, Greece, Poland, Norway and Australia. Film is a collaborative artform that she has loved since her first film, an action comedy short directed in 2010. One of her ongoing arts participation projects is Connections; Make a film in 4 days, which allows a workshop style to open up the world of film to communities of place or interest. Though her heart lies with the artistic direction of the performer on screen or stage, professionally she has also worked as a production manager and creative producer of promotional film, and documentary. Yvonne is interested in all artforms, including dance, and produced and presented an arts radio podcast for several years. She is also a coordinator for the National Campaign for the Arts and Chair of the Board of Directors at Firkin Crane theatre.

Feedback, responses, ideas and discussions.

Section 5 (5.30pm)

Open forum presentations

If you have a project that requires a film maker or a dancer and you want to engage partnerships, you can grab 2 minutes here, as per time available.

Feedback, responses, ideas and discussions.

Section 6 (5.45pm)

Open Forum Discussion

(Poll 1-Feedback Film/ Dance Forum)

Feedback, responses, ideas and discussions.

Section 7 (6pm)

Thank you and Goodbye

(Poll 2-Repeat Film/ Dance Forum)

Acknowledging those present in an observational capacity

  • Chris Hurley. Cork Film Center.
  • Staff of Firkin Crane: Andrea Stapleton

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