Workshop with Lucia Kickham

Sunday 6th September 2020 12pm – 3pm

Price: €15
(This low cost is made possible through Firkin Crane Supports for Dance)

Booking (021) 4507487 (Opening hours 1pm – 4pm Tuesday to Friday)

Programmed by Junk Ensemble, Cork City Dance Artists in Residence at Firkin Crane

Flying Low Workshop with Lucia Kickham

Flying Low is a dance technique developed by Venezuelan dance artist David Zambrano. It’s main focus is the dancer’s relationship with the floor. Passing Through is a complex system of spontaneous composition based on collective leadership, interconnection and infinite possible pathways in space. In this workshop Lucia will introduce the participants to the key elements of these movement approaches. The workshop builds up from gentle exercises which examine the natural spiral patterns within the body and develops into more energetic and expansive sequences.

Groundedness, efficiency of movement, practicality, open awareness and group dynamics are important elements at play in this movement training. This is an energetic workshop exploring the mechanics of the body, group consciousness and decision making.

Lucia is a Dublin-based dance artist performing and collaborating internationally since 2011. Trained in The Netherlands, she has worked with companies and artists which include TRASH, Company Philip Connaughton, Junk Ensemble, Liz Roche Company, Maria Nilsson Waller.
Lucia frequently performs at festivals in Ireland and has toured throughout the UK, Sweden and The Netherlands. She has trained intensively with David Zambrano in Flying Low & Passing Through techniques, developing her interest in group dynamics within composition and teaching environments. 

In recent years Lucia has received awards from the Arts Council of Ireland, Dance Ireland, Firkin Crane Cork and the Tyrone Guthrie Centre. INIT: The Warm Up Project, Kickham’s latest work, premiered at Dublin Fringe Festival in September 2019.