The Space in between – free sharing of work-in-progress

Friday 12th April 2019 1.15 – 1.45pm

In the crack in the rock grass grows
In the crevice in the hill water flows
In the space between two houses people pass
Thus, we do not have to struggle to create life
But merely to open the space
(David Michaeli, ‘Momentary reflection on movement’)

The Space in between is a new work-in-progress created by choreographer Helga Deasy in collaboration with dancers Sara Hernandez and Kevin Hayes during a Ceist Residency at the Firkin Crane, Home of Dance in Cork. The Space in between explores the world of relatedness between people, the space between self and other. Ranging from separation to palpable connection on a physical as well as an emotional level, the research focuses on the meeting ground between people, its potential and authenticity.

During this showing of work-in-progress choreographer Helga Deasy and dancers Kevin Hayes and Sara Hernandez will present excerpts of the research and creative process explored during the residency.

This development is supported by the Firkin Crane and Cork City Council.