Step Up 19

Friday 30th August 2019 6pm


Booking fee: online €1.50 per ticket / telephone €2 per ticket
Booking (021) 4507487 (Opening hours 1pm – 4pm Tuesday to Friday)

Step Up Dance Project, now in its ninth year, once again plays host to some of Ireland’s most promising contemporary dance graduates. Step Up 19 brings a new outlook, curated by Marguerite Donlon (Ireland / Germany), International choreographer and Director of Donlon Dance Collective, based in Berlin.

Six promising young dancers have been chosen following a competitive open call and audition process: Ambre Twardowski, Juliana Tarumoto, Aliina Lindroos, Claudia Gesmundo, Rosie Mullin & Ginvera Cecere.

The Step Up 2019 participants have worked with Marguerite Donlon, Emanuele Soavi (Germany / Italy) and Francesco Vecchione (Italy / Spain) over a period of ten weeks to create 3 exciting dance works which tour Limerick, Longford, Cork and Dublin. 

Lost in Translations by Marguerite Donlon (Ireland, Germany). Lost in Translations is the story of ten days, six dancers, five languages, years of experiences, millions of emotions, thousands of questions, hundreds of opinions, one passion, one life. Marguerite says of the work ‘The stories are true and belonging to the dancers. Using these stories as a base we weaved this piece together. Language played a big role in in many ways in the process, hence the title Lost in Translations.’ 

The Princess Saves Herself in this One by Francesco Vecchione(Italy, Spain). Inspired by the poetry of Amanda Lovelace, Francesco Vecchione wanted to present and verbalise through movement the opinions of 6 young women on their personal role in our present society. With the dancers coming from different cultural and religious backgrounds, the piece depicts how they feel, sometimes stereotyped and always questioning their position in this so called ever evolving society.

Six Hidden Variations by Emanuele Soavi (Germany, Italy). In this interplay six dancers appear and vanish into the dark: an empty space remote from traditional aesthetics and their beautiful bodies. The puzzling sounds that arise are equally without any clear location or reference. Creaking, clattering and cawing. Appearing to take place in a melting, hidden space over multiple times, the performers appear to dissipate, splintering into infinitesimal fragments right in front of our eyes. The piece unfolds like a baroque scenery set.

Step Up Dance Programme is a partnership between the Arts Council Ireland, Dance Ireland, Dance Limerick and the Irish World Academy at University of Limerick, which aims to bridge the gap between dance education and professional contemporary dance practice in Ireland.