Relatedness in Motion – Free Workshop / Movement Laboratory

Friday 5th April 10am – 11.30am

This is a FREE workshop!

Choreographer Helga Deasy is giving a free workshop and movement laboratory as part of her Ceist Residency to share her creative investigations drawing from Rudolf Laban’s aspects of ‘Relatedness in Motion’. Experimenting with free and structured improvisation scores and movement sequences we will explore how we relate to ourselves and each other through the moving body.

The workshop is of an exploratory and interactive nature and welcomes dancers, movers and people who are open and interested in trying something new.

During her Ceist Residency choreographer Helga Deasy is working in collaboration with dancers Sara Hernandez and Kevin Hayes on the development of a new dance performance work The space in between which explores the space between self and other, the meeting ground between people, it’s potential and authenticity.

This development is supported by the Firkin Crane and Cork City Council.