Online Masterclass with Emily Aoibheann


Recognising a paradigm shift in the collective imagination

A talk with Emily Aoibheann

We’re still not doing what we really want to do… I think we’re all still holding back. It’s quite natural because after all we want to be loved and liked. And I think there is something that holds you back somewhere. You think that this is the point and if you go beyond then there’s no exact telling where it will lead.
Pina Bausch, 1978

A struggle exists to honour purity of intuition in the act of creation. Now, I work to eliminate restrictions I impose on myself. Personal graft is required to achieve a deeper articulation of what is inside. The uncertainty of this time is the value of this time. It has stripped away the excess of the everyday, a purging ritual, what a friend describes as Samhain in Bealtaine. We are experiencing an eerie intersection, between the vibrancy of Summer and the power to cultivate deep intuition, emerging from imposed passivity.

A shift is possible, from impure action towards a profound dialogue with the underworld, our collective and individual unconscious. If it is true that intuition requires passivity, then as soon as we move into action, we compromise our intuitive guide. This period of passivity, is an opportunity to confront a boundless unknown. The contradiction is that as an artist, my intention is to harvest the unconscious for my own means, to make it valuable in the world of humanity, but here I am missing the point. The gift this sacred time offers is to disembody, to release into the abyss, to become invisible, porous, permeable, so as to be reborn.

Reflecting on a resurgence of interest in magic, paganism, the occult and other mystic sciences, and drawing from personal illuminations on themes of art, magic, science and philosophy, Emily Aoibheann will share her work within the context of this global interruption.

In the space between, new meaning can emerge. The question going forward is, what do we keep and what do we let go? Can we remain in the profound pause long enough to listen for the answers?