Masterclass with Liz Roche


Friday 20th April 10am – 12pm

Price: €7

Liz Roche’s class is based on release techniques, focusing on structural alignment and the mechanics of movement in the body. The class begins by tuning in to the flowing energy of the body, moving through any strains or discomforts until there is a sense of ease in movement. Improvisation will also be explored. From there we will assimilate a range of movement phrases building to a final movement sequence. Building on themes of exploration and intention, the final part of the masterclass is directed towards choreographic composition tasks.

Choreographer and dancer Liz Roche’s background in dance began with ballet classes at the age of 5. She graduated from London Contemporary Dance School in 1993 and over the subsequent years performed in the works of many prominent Irish, mainland European and US choreographers. At the age of 25 she co-founded Rex Levitates Dance Company (now Liz Roche Company). She continued to perform for other companies while choreographing her own dance work alongside many new commissions, opera and theatre engagements bringing her all over the world. In 2003, the company began to receive regular funding from the Arts Council and Dublin City Council and because of this, Liz was able to focus on her own choreography and the building of a company of dancers and collaborators. In the last 15 years she has made over 20 new works for the company and with support from Culture Ireland, has been invited to present work at prestigious venues and festivals from New York to Beijing to Sydney.