John’s Query _ Angie Smalis

John’s Query:  

Seeing Double Joint Ticket with “L’infime” et “Création 2018 : Première Impression 

Saturday 25th November 7.30pm

€10 full
€8 unwaged
€6 early bird 

Seeing Double Joint Ticket with “L’infime” et “Creation 2018 – Première Impression”
€20 full / €18 unwaged / €16 early bird (for bookings before 11th November)

Booking fee online €1.50 per ticket
Booking (021) 4507487 (Opening hours 11am – 2pm Tuesday to Friday)

Angie Smalis, Mark Carberry, and Colin Gee perform personae based on historical figures, all of whom inhabited St. John’s Square Limerick, between 1700 and 1950. This anachronistic framing of communal life seeks a new understanding of what public life means in the context of twenty-first century connectivity and interdependence. As the lives of the characters intertwine in a farcical narrative, the question is posed: Will people always betray others for the sake of their own interests?

Ultimately, John’s Query is about pursuit of (and sympathy for) the perspective from which the other can be understood, through humour, grace, longing, and melancholy. It also proposes a path for a return to narrative in dance, and addresses an opportunity to engage with a new kind of storytelling within dance.

Limerick-based Greek dance artist Angie Smalis (Daghdha Dance Company, Volk Oper Wien), and American Colin Gee (Cirque de Soleil, 2012 Rome Prize recipient, founding Whitney Live artist-in-residence at the Whitney Museum), have collaborated on performance and film since 2007. John’s Query brings them together with Irish community dance artist and improviser, Mark Carberry.

Funded by the Arts Council under the Dance Project Award.

Lenore: a dance for video

“L’infime” et “Création 2018: première impression”