BLANK CANVAS 2015 Sharing 1

The BLANK CANVAS residency scheme offers a breathing space to choreographers. Each residency ends with a free Sharing so that Firkin Crane’s audience can meet the artists. Tea and coffee provided.

Dan Watson and Katherine Hollinson (UK) focus on balancing liveness and craft.

“I’m trying to look into work that resists containment, that has an openness and looseness to it. Yet simultaneously I’m concerned with the contradiction of crafting and the use of structures that ensure the work is not inconsequential. This might look like a lot of messy indulgent dancing. But with a purpose. Probably.”

Zoi Dimitriou (UK) research the idea of pilgrimage.

“This new work looks at pilgrimage as an actual place and as a metaphorical journey and a common human experience. The research reflects the need for investigating spaces that are held to great significance and the processes that bodies are suggested to follow within these spaces.”