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Masterclass with Charlie Morrissey

ONLINE BOOKING Wednesday 13th March 2019 10am – 1pm Tickets: €10 Booking (021) 4507487 (Opening hours 1pm – 4pm Tuesday to Friday) Mass, Mind and Motion This Masterclass will play with my ongoing interests in how perception, imagination, physiology and physics are in a constant interplay in human movement. We’ll work with images and exercises […]

Masterclass with Theo Clinkard

ONLINE BOOKING  Wednesday 19th September 2018 10am – 12pm Price: €10 Theo’s masterclass begins with simple sensory exercises that encourage awareness and connection within the body alongside perception games that explore participants relationship to themselves, to each other and to the spaces they inhabit. Following this, his class becomes a balance of improvisation and learnt movement […]

Masterclass with Liz Roche

ONLINE BOOKING  Friday 20th April 10am – 12pm Price: €7 Liz Roche’s class is based on release techniques, focusing on structural alignment and the mechanics of movement in the body. The class begins by tuning in to the flowing energy of the body, moving through any strains or discomforts until there is a sense of […]

Masterclass with Oona Doherty

ONLINE BOOKING Wednesday 7th February 10am – 12pm At Olympic Karate Club, Shandon Street An improvisation-led workshop to develop physical states for the creation of characters. We will work with three states: Magma, Concrete, Lazarus. These states will be the base of emotional transitions to create absurdist theatrical scenes,  connecting movement back to emotion. We […]