Connections _ Exploring Acquired Brain Injury Through the Medium of Dance _ 25th Feb

Connections _ ExploringAcquired Brain Injury Through the Medium of Dance


Presented by Inma Pavon (UCC)


Paula Larkin (Coordinator of Headway)

And Participating Dancers on the ‘Connections’ Project


A lunchtime seminar hosted by the ISS21 Disability and Mental Health Research Cluster

Supported by ISS21 and CACSSS Research Support Fund

CACSSS Seminar Room, O Rahilly Building UCC,

25th Feb 2016 1-2pm 

All welcome.

Connections  is a contemporary dance collaboration between choreographer Inma Pavon, interactive artist Trevor Furlong, and a group of women with acquired brain injury from the Headway rehabilitation service in Cork. Born from a desire to explore the changes in perception, senses and communication that occur when there is damage to the neural pathways and connections in the brain, this collaboration is a visual and auditory exploration of the personal and collective journeys the dancers have been following since acquiring a brain injury.  Today’s presentation will focus on giving an overview of Inma’s work with the women participants and Paula Larkin’s inspiration behind the project.  Through the work through movements, each dancer was given the freedom to communicate with their body so much more than words alone could ever allow. Building on the final note of‘Hope’, the dancers come together as a group, symbolising the connection that binds them together and gives them the strength and positivity to look beyond the trauma of brain injury and into a hopeful present and future.


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