Call Out for Performers to be Part of Rolling Hills, a piece for Midsummer Festival 2018

Call out  for performers to be part of rolling hills, a piece for Midsummer festival 2018, 15th-24th of June

The piece will include a durational group performance which will last 2 hours 24 minutes every day for the ten days of the festival, beginning at dawn on the first day and starting incrementally later each day until its back at dawn on the last day. The piece is called rolling hills. Abstractly, we will be the stream and some rolling pouffes alongside us will be the hills and the audience will be villagers. The piece is a day in this place. There will be a party (opening reception) on the Thursday evening in conjunction with the solstice.

Rolling hills is a development of a recent work, Up against the wall and back, and will have similar choreography and clothing. Here is a clip from that piece

This is open to anyone who has the interest, curiosity and enthusiasm! And of course experience is always welcome if you have it, but not necessary.

The piece will be developed with the group in a core day long workshop, provisionally on Saturday 19th of May, and then with further development and rehearsals closer to the date. If you are interested but cannot do the ten days, that is fine as I will rotate on a schedule.

Here is a link to two other pieces of mine, to get an idea of the kind of work I make:

Stormy sky dance

Flower dance

If interested please message Isolde on facebook or email at
or call or text Katie O’Grady on 0838734734

This exhibition is made possible through the curatorial graduate award of Sample Studio to Katie O’Grady, the curator of this show.

Isolde O’Donoghue graduated from Limerick School of Art and Design in June 2017 after completing her ba(hons) in Sculpture and Combined Media. Her practice is embedded within performance but explores the relationship of this art form with that of theatre and the art object, blurring lines between all these definite modes of expression.


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