Call Out for Expression of Interest for Cork City Dance Artist in Residence at Firkin Crane

Cork City Dance Artist in Residence at Firkin Crane

 Application and Guidelines

 Deadline for initial expression of interest is 12 noon Wednesday 26th February 2020


  • About The Cork City Dance Artist in Residence at Firkin Crane.

Cork City Dance Artist in Residence at Firkin Crane is a dance residency for Cork city, based in Firkin Crane. The Arts Council DAIR programme is awarded yearly. In order to support long-term engagement in Cork, Firkin Crane is proposing supporting an artist for 3 years, reviewed annually.

Deadline for submission of Expression of Interest is 12 noon Wednesday 26th February 2020

The residency will meet the criteria of the Arts Council Dance Artist in Residence Award, and the priorities for Firkin Crane & Cork City Council developed in partnership with Cork City Council over the past 8 years and outlined below.

Traditionally the budget for delivering the residency comprises approx €30k cash inputs from the Arts Council of Ireland and Cork City Council with Firkin Crane providing for access to studios, theatres, admin, office space, PR and marketing and production and technical support as well as the financial management of the scheme. The available budget in any one year is subject to funding received.

The residency will complement Firkin Crane’s Mission & Vision Statement which is:


Ireland’s Centre of Excellence for Dance Performance and Choreography


Firkin Crane, located in an historic area of Cork City, is the longest established venue dedicated to dance in Ireland. Our mission is to provide the support and resources for people to make, see, and join in great dance. Rooted in our local community, Firkin Crane works on a local, national and international scale.

 Firkin Crane is a welcoming space for professional dance artists and for dancers of all ages, abilities and mobility.

 We provide access to dance training and education from beginner to professional level, supporting current and future generations of dance makers and performers.

 We provide professional facilities and expertise for all stages in the making of new dance works, from research to performance.

 We present the best in local, Irish and international dance.


1.1 Criteria, Objectives and Priorities:

 The DAIR will meet the criteria of the Arts Council Dance Artist in Residence Award.

The DAIR will involve a long-term engagement with dance in Cork – with a regular presence and practice in Firkin Crane and Cork City.

The DAIR programme will show a commitment to Cork’s dance/cultural development, and meaningful engagement with Cork’s public through strong and focused public engagement.

Proposals that initiate or develop partnerships with Cork City residents/groups/organisations are welcomed.

The DAIR will be based in Cork City during the residency period.

The programme will involve a coherent plan for the dance artist’s work practice/career development, either through deepening current practice, or enabling new departures. Proposals are welcomed that involve professional practice development and furthers the artist’s career, such as through increasing performances, developing the artist’s audience, developing new skills, or new areas of practice.

The residency will complement Firkin Crane’s Mission & Vision Statement.

The timeframe for the Dance Artist in Residence can be up to 12 months but not less than 6 months between June 2020 and June 2021.

As a key figure in Cork city’s dance community, the DAIR will be encouraged to partner with Firkin Crane in programming professional training and to explore possibilities for leveraging the dance artist residency to develop further performance or participative projects.

1.2 Who is eligible to apply?

Irish or Ireland-based professional dance artists.

Professional practitioners in all dance forms.

Professional dance artists at all career stages.

Professional dance artists with performance/participative/collaborative/cross-disciplinary practices.

Individual artists / dance companies / dance partnerships / dance collectives.

2.0 The role of the Dance Artist:

The Dance Artist in Residence will be responsible for designing the DAIR programme, budget and time-frames in collaboration with Firkin Crane, and will be the lead in delivering the DAIR programme within the agreed period of the residency.

2.1 The role of Firkin Crane:

Firkin Crane is the lead organisation on Cork’s DAIR application to the Arts Council. Firkin Crane will ensure the selection and delivery of a dance residency that is beneficial to Cork City. Firkin Crane will be the lead in submitting the application to the Arts Council, with programme content, budget and timetable provided by the dance artist, in collaboration with Firkin Crane. It will be responsible for the financial management of the project, and will support the DAIR, who will lead in the delivery of the programme.

2.2 The role of Cork City Council:

Cork City Council offers expertise, financial and other support (managed by Firkin Crane) based on the strength of the application.

Roles and responsibilities of all parties will be specified in the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), which will form the basis of the DAIR contract

3.0 Firkin Crane can offer:

10 weeks programmed access to studio space over the agreed period of the residency at 7 hours per day (generally 10-5 weekdays) to non specified studios. (Can be studio 1, 2 or 3).

To support the DAIR’s own regular studio practice and presence in Firkin Crane, Firkin Crane will offer free studio access to non specified studios, arranged on a weekly basis, for the remainder of the residency period.

If the programme involves a new production, the equivalent of 1 Production Residency access to the theatre and technical supports, leading to a premiere on-site or off-site in Cork City. This includes hosting 1 performance, and/or sharings and works-in-progress.

The equivalent of 5 hours per week for 14 weeks administrative support, provided by the Firkin Crane dance administrator. The administrator timetable will be agreed on contract signing.

Limited accommodation for visiting artists participating in the residency, not the DAIR.

Desk space in Firkin Crane for the duration of the residency.

Financial administration, application submission, submission of final report based on DAIR report.

4.0 Selection Process:

  1. Open call for Expression of Interest (EOI) Deadline 12 noon Wednesday 26th February 2020
  2. Shortlisting by selection panel.
  3. Invitation will be sent on Friday 28th February to shortlisted applicants to submit detailed programme and budget by Wednesday 4th
  4. Final Selection by panel. All applicants are informed in writing about the outcome of their application from Monday 9th March .

4.1 How to Apply:

Stage 1: Open Call for an Expression of Interest (EOI)

Expression of Interest to include:

  • 3 point summary of the proposal (max 50 words)
  • Details of the proposal (max 500 words)
  • Tell us about yourself (max 100 words)
  • Submission of up to date CV (up to 3 pages)
  • 3 work samples, with descriptions (as per AC guidelines)

Stage 2: Short-listed applicants only

If short-listed by the selection panel, you will be asked to submit:

  • Detailed programme plan for Year 1, with outline plans for Year 2 and 3
  • Detailed budget for Year 1
  • Details of community engagement, and local individual/organisation involvement (max 200 words)
  • How will being based in Cork be of importance to the programme? What will the programme bring to Cork? (max 200 words)
  • How the DAIR will support your professional dance practice (max 200 words)

4.2 Composition of Selection Panel:

  • Firkin Crane Board sub committee.
  • Independent professional dance artist.
  • Cork City arts professional.

4.3 Selection Criteria:

The residency will meet the criteria of the Arts Council Dance Artist in Residence award. See Here:

It will meet the Firkin Crane & Cork City Council criteria outlined above.

  • Making your application:

 Submissions, by email only, to Andrea Stapleton,

Deadline for submissions of Expression of Interest (EOI) only is 12 noon Wednesday 26th February 2020

Any enquiries prior to submission should also be emailed to Andrea at


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