Four professional dance studios have double cross-beam sprung floors under maple. Harlequin covering is available for all studios:
Smurfit/Studio 1: 10.5m x 12m
Mirror Room: 12m x 7m
Chandelier Room: 10m x 7m
Studio 4: 7m x 5m

Two dressing rooms have access to showers, laundry facilities and a kitchen.
The auditorium, studio and stage areas are accessible via a lift. A wheelchair accessible toilet is provided at dressing-room level.

Enquiries about using any of the spaces are welcome from community, local, national and international groups who are interested in learning, teaching or creating any form of dance, performance or bodywork.

Smurfit Studio 1

Smurfit Studio 3


Studio 4

Studio 4



Mirror Room



Chandelier Room

Chandelier Room

Open Floor – Space Hire for Professional Dance Artists
We offer studios to dance artists at last-minute discounted rates.
Contact info@firkincrane for further details

Commercial Studio Hire Rates
Studio 1/Smurfit Room €65.00/hour or €455.00/day 9am-5pm
Studio 2/Mirror Room €38.50/hour or €269.50/day 9am-5pm
Musgrave as a studio €38.50/hour or €269.50/day 9am-5pm
Studio 3/Chandelier room €27.50/hour or €192.50/day 9am-5pm
Studio 4 €27.50 per hour or €192.50/day 9am-5pm

VAT at 23% is included in all the above studio hire rates.
A deposit of 20% is required to confirm any booking. This is non refundable.

The Studio Hire rates are valid until 31st July 2018.

Additional services and equipment available for hire
The venue can provide stage technicians at €17.50ph. A stage technician is not a lighting designer, a sound engineer or a stage manager. These roles are fee based.

Retractable seats move                      €100 per move
8x10m Marley dance-floor                  €60 per day
Standard Microphones                       €10 per day
Radio hand held Mic                           €15 per day
Radio lapel Mic                                   €20 per day
Digital video projector                         €150 per day
Digital Camera                                    €50 per day
Portable TV/DVD                                 €5 per session