A Message from the Board of Directors

A message from the Board of Directors following the latest directives issued by the government, where the Firkin Crane will remain closed until at least May 5th 2020; Yvonne Coughlan (Chair), Dan Boyle, Marguerite Donlon, Catherine Foley, Patricia Crosbie, Cllr. Kieran McCarthy, Cllr. Michael Nugent, Conall Ó Riain, Lisa McLoughlin.

The Corona Virus, Covid 19, continues to affect lives and businesses around the globe, and cause many event cancellations, including here at Firkin Crane. The impact of this international crisis will continue to unfold, as the health, welfare and economic status of the Irish people moves forward from this pandemic. The Board of Directors, as well as the staff and management of the Firkin Crane are adhering to all National directives to ensure the safety of our friends, families, staff, co-workers, and you our treasured audiences, our colleagues in the arts, and our dance artists and practitioners. We will make every effort to be here for you when it comes time to re-open; as we all endeavour to right ourselves and rebuild our creative work, and indeed our national spirit, following this great shut down. For now, we stay home if our travel is not essential, keep our distance of 2 metres, and wash our hands diligently, while we make plans and have online meetings to discuss the future. Our priority now is health and safety for all, and in this spirit we recognise and applaud the frontline workers, who are putting their lives on the line every day. The Firkin Crane is closed, but we do want to hear from you; if you have worked with us in the past, email your images and videos, or post them on our Facebook page, to remind us of good times and successes had; and if you would like to work with us in the future, please start the conversations and the planning now. Make the most of this time to open new doors, create new connections, and contemplate new work. We are in this together, and the Irish people will come through this together. We know there is tragedy to overcome, but we also know that we will take care of each other, and help each other to survive this great challenge. We send out our best wishes for you all to remain safe and well, with happiness and good hope for the future in your hearts. Change is upon us, and we at the Firkin Crane plan to respond with positivity, and recovery planning.

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