On. Pulse. _ Lucia Kickham

Friday 3rd March  8pm


€12 full
€10 unwaged
€8 early bird (for bookings before Friday 24th  February)

Plus Post Show Discussion

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Booking (021) 4507487 (Opening hours 11am – 2pm Tuesday to Friday)

How do we measure and store time in our bodies? What happens if these processes become fragmented? Exploring the natural rhythms of the body, the acts of breathing, blinking, pumping blood through our veins, On.Pulse. invites us to contemplate how we experience time beyond the hard external clock. Frantic movement collides with stillness until the performers find their resting pace.

Lucia is a Dublin-based dance artist performing and collaborating internationally since 2011. Trained in The Netherlands, she has worked with Dutch company TRASH, Liz Roche Company, John Jasperse, Philip Connaughton, Maria Nilsson Waller, junk ensemble, Cíotóg, Catherine Young and Laura Murphy, among others. Lucia has performed in Dublin Dance Festival, Belfast Theatre Festival, Edinburgh Fringe and toured throughout the UK, Sweden and The Netherlands.
Lucia was commissioned by Dance Ireland to choreograph the dance film Anticipated Moment and received their Mentored Residency Award in 2014. She was the recent recipient of a joint bursary from Firkin Crane Cork and Tyrone Guthrie Centre Monaghan which resulted in the creation of this new work, On.Pulse.Lucia is delighted to return to Cork to premiere her first evening of work in the Firkin Crane.

This piece is made in collaboration with the performers Robbie Blake and Marion Cronin.